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  • Ian
  • Drishtie
  • Alex
  • Clifford
  • Paul McCombs
  • Chase


SOTM US - Getting Started on Planning

  • Reasoning behind choices from Seattle team
  • How can we make it inexpensive for people?
    • Small campus
    • Close to downtown
    • Food trucks
  • Ideas
    • Kick off with a good keynote speaker -Someone to talk about diveristy
    • Tapping into additional communities
  • What lessons to build an active community
    • Go out and collect data brings more people.
    • Let the community know there are alot of opportunities to add more to the map
  • Focus on workshop styles
  • Start setting up contracts for Venue
  • Look into numbers at the Venue - Capacity for Rooms
  • locking down the timeline and call for proposals
  • Set up coms channels
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Saturday get our calls for proposals and 2pm EST, 11am PT