Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2016-03-08

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  • Ian
  • Martijn


  • Only Ian and Martijn on the call.
  • Quick catch up on SOTM US 2016 because Martijn was away. No specific actions or decisions
  • Taxes 2015 -- Debbie is good for it and will do it.
  • Taxes previous years -- we needs to figure out the tax implications. We can pay all back taxes as corporation (taxes over 50k or so of 'profits'). Or declare yourself a 501(c)(4) and file as that. Or leave it as is.
  • Judy (B&M) talked to the IRS and they said it would all be fine (two separate people) but Mark Diskin has said that would make no sense. Ian will email Mark to get more clarity.
  • Ian will be away for 2 weeks starting next Monday, on GMT. Will have intermittent email.