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  • Drishtie
  • Martijn
  • Alyssa
  • Ian



  • Organizing committee should be responsible of most planning.
  • Every topic have a owner - doesn’t mean they have to do all the work, but should know what the updates are


  • A few issues that need to be resolved
  • Non-Profit taxes due date May 15th
  • @Ian - Email craigslist - letting them we were not a nonprofit last year SOTM US
  • @Ian - E-mail Mark Diskin about decisions regarding how to file previous year taxes. Retroactive Taxes - Assume non-profit status or pay as a cooperation.
  • Think about hiring someone to help with book keeping

Law Clinic (wrapping up in 2 weeks)

  • Update from Alyssa - Things are going well. Both students are really smart and good writer. Interviewing a handful of people.
  • Students shared an initial draft with Alyssa and Mikel who provided some feedback going forward.
  • Thinking of presenting their results in different ways including a Town Hall or SOTM US
  • Will get a final draft in the next two weeks.

Open Map Camps

  • At the UN this summer. July 9th - 250 people.
  • Full day - open map day
  • Need to think of ways to engage the audience.
  • Current estimated budget $7000 covering food and location
  • OSM US will be a partner but will not be paying. Money would come from other organizing groups.
  • Invite to other organizations. Telenav, Missing Maps etc.


  • Add tags to the github to be able to use in Waffle