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  • Drishtie
  • Alyssa
  • Ian
  • Alex
  • Guest - Maggie
  • Guest - Steven Johnson


Missing America - Guest Speaker

  • MissingAmerica is a joint project between TeachOSM and the US Census Bureau to teach geography to America’s youth by using OpenStreetMap to map marginalized and remote places across the US.
  • Program starts in August
  • Looking to OSM US for Fundraising support
  • This will be a pilot program - TeachOSM will work with the US Census Bureau’s Stats in Schools program to plan a nation wide deployment of the program.
  • During the pilot, TeachOSM will learn what factors make for a successful program and work with the Bureau to refine program content and execution to insure a successful nationwide rollout of the program.
  • Washington Leadership Academy
  • Go through and add comments about what we need to know for this project.
  • Ian to make a private github repo.