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SOTM US Post Mortem

09 AUGUST 2016 / 4:30 PM


Alyssa Wright, Martijn Van Exel , Ian Dees, Drishtie Patel, Joel Masselink, Chase Stephens, Natalie Pitcher, Clifford Snow



  • Better work flow. Next year figure out a way to know before hand what tools we use to support the time frames. ie. e-mail chimps, forms, spreadsheets.
  • We should be more vigilant about not recording. Complaints about not recording video.
  • Technical Talks - In regards to complaints about people wanting more technical talks
  • Maybe have tags to communicate which talks were more technical
  • Mixed reviews from feedback
  • Scheduling - Integrate Birds of Feather into other program communication, so more people can easily get info and
  • Have more people not submitting talks be on the selection committee. Have more unbiased people on the


  • Excellent volunteers
  • We had 33 sign up. A few didn’t show up so it was tough re-adjusting schedules real time.
  • If we had 41 it would have been enough.
  • Start earlier finding and recruiting volunteers
  • Natalie’s list with more on Github
  • Volunteers didn’t know what their roles were
  • Maybe have volunteers come earlier and have a training in person
  • Have a contact person for volunteers should check in with and get info from throughout the conference
  • Send out a Thank-you e-mail and an anonymous survey to get feedback from all volunteers
  • Volunteer shifts should overlap a little bit (instead of 9-10 and 10-11 it should be 9-10:15 and 10-11:15) and the volunteers should have the expectation that they will be training their replacement with their "on the ground" takeaways
  • Volunteers need to give their cell phone numbers when signing up, and that needs to be on the printed volunteer sheet so supervisors or other volunteers can call missing volunteers
  • The exact location of where a volunteer checks in needs to be made clear (registration desk)


  • People did not like the 3 minutes walk from building. Have more time built in for that.
  • Dorm rooms were popular
  • Food lines were a bit long
  • Wi-fi was not good
  • We had a few issues with AV. The video recording group equipment clashed with the University AV.


  • Only 1 taker for child care. Should we do this next time?
  • Eventbrite was good.
  • Double counting issue due to the way eventbrite was set up.
  • Final count 477 unique names (chase copy pasted names from each e-mail)


  • We should be coming up with a general overview of the program including social events and workshops so people are aware of the dates before planning their travel
  • Github was not the best option for communication.
  • If we had used Github it in a better way it could have worked better
  • Too many methods to communicate made things confusing. E-mail, slack, github, trello, google docs
  • Figure out a more efficient way to share and communicate info