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  • Martijn
  • Ian
  • Alex
  • Drishtie


Sponsoring OSM Census

  • Wait on Alyssa to talk more about this

OSM US Slack

  • As a non-profit we get up to 250 active users free. Currently at 180.
  • Letting it grow organically would be good
  • Renaming it to be more inclusive
  • Martijn will be notifying OSMF to let them know what we are trying to do and casting a wider net.

Put out call for SOTM US 2017

  • Continue to have people put in a professional application for a proposal to host the 2017 conference
  • Be more specific about what we want
  • We should line things up and let the new board make the final decisions
  • Decision should be set so we can let people know when the final selection will be made
  • would most likely be good to set to plan to let people know 2 weeks after the new board starts
  • Martijn to create doodles for the Town halls and make then at different times to reach more people

Hiring for OSM US

  • How can we bring someone help to relief some of the work and do more
  • How can we support other programs and other conferences
  • What does smart hiring look like
  • Alex - look for a leadership role who can run with projects and collaborations.