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SOTM US Post Mortem

23 AUGUST 2016 / 4:30 PM

Attendees Martijn Van Exel, Drishtie Patel, Clifford Snow, Ari Simmons


Social Events

  • Menu choices to include more gluten free and healthy options
  • A few people said the Flatstick event was a bit too far away - More communication around how to get to places
  • Sponsor’s social was really valued
  • Geo-ladies event got great feedback and could be made an annual event
  • Send out some info about social/tourist things they could do in the area. Through blogs/website.


  • Conference theme needs to be properly thought out and followed through with
  • Base on board / community objectives for the future
  • This year ‘Community’ theme did not end up being carried through enough (Clifford)


  • Banner ad on earlier
  • Hire a media consultant earlier on. To create press releases, get more attention etc.


  • Have someone work on development part time and do this professionally
  • Timeline did not match company timelines for budgets and planning (esp. Sponsorships).


  • Have scholars give their feedback about the conference as part of the scholarship program.
  • Think more carefully around International scholars. Logistics, money transfers are difficult.
  • Pauls thoughts? Seems to have gotten very difficult towards to end especially with transferring money


  • Hiring a Project Coordinator earlier on would be integral
  • Using an app for the program would be more useful than the printed program. Can also make live edits.
  • Think about having transcription services added to the videos as close captioning
  • Worked on very compressed schedule