Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes-2016-09-13

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  • Alyssa
  • Ian
  • Martijn
  • Alex
  • Drishtie


Open Mapping for the SDGs

  • Would this be good for OSM US to support?

Support request from Clifford Snow

  • Valuable to give people in the community an opportunity to show their work.
  • Make a policy that we will cover costs to attend conferences based on their demonstration/track record in OSM.
  • Ask them to write about their lesson learned.
  • Should we add a cap dollar amount? $300-500 or don't put a dollar amount in the policy and let the board decide on a case by case basis.

Presentation for SOTM Brussels

  • Everyone to record a 4 min video for the SOTM US and give slides to Alyssa for presentation

SOTM US Townhall Reminder - September 14, at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

  • Sending out tweets and personal reach out