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  • Martijn
  • Ian
  • Drishtie
  • Alex
  • Martijn


SOTM Brussels

  • Big desire for people to communicate better
  • Lack of discoverability of others channels
  • Good turn out. Diverse group 25-30 countries

Closing some of the Open Tickets

  • We can go through them and close tickets. If anyone feels like it should still be open then we can look into it more.

SOTM US 2017

  • Ian has 2 venue proposal for Minneapolis
  • Suggested splitting the conferences in two places. One with a more business focus and one that is community focus/un conference/maps camps and a sundayhack day.
  • This would allow us to fit into better venues and more be financially efficient.
  • Alyssa - Has two groups that would be interested in hosting a
  • Location Tech - Andrea Ross showed some interest from Austin. Alyssa will follow up communication.
  • Kevin from Boulder is also interested.

Hire someone for OSM US

  • Figure out what we want help with.
  • Make a job Description
  • Start recruiting
  • Think about what we want to hire ED, Admin, Event Planner?