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  • Alyssa,
  • Martijn
  • Ian


SOTM US 2017

  • Who makes the decision? We only have a single expression of interest from Boulder
  • Martijn points out that a longer lead time would be nice to help build momentum. Announce the call for the next event at the end of SOTM US?
  • For the final decision it would be nice to have everyone's opinion
  • Alyssa will make a ticket to discuss the bids


  • Blog post is up, we promised a town hall. When should it be?
  • Alyssa suggests ~2 weeks to allow for outreach + campaign. How about the week of the 21st for the election?
  • Ian will create an election townhall invite; Martijn will do outreach on mailing list + Slack, create a wiki page
  • Townhall should be for people who are interested in becoming candidates
  • Another townhall for people to campaign and talk about their positions two weeks after the first


  • We should put together enough of a recommendation for the new board and leave it as a thing for them to think about it


  • Alyssa will send emails reminding people to renew their membership so they can run and so they can vote
  • Martijn will send messages to mailing list