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  • Martijn
  • Alyssa
  • Ian
  • Drishtie
  • Maggie
  • Seth


Onboarding new member

  • Show and Tell - Quick github review
  • Intro to how OSM US works/meets/

Transition topics

  • Hire someone
  • State of the Map - Carrying on with Boulder as the most likely choice
  • @Ian to send out e-mail to confirm location.
  • Make an announcement

Post mortem of challenges and successes last year.

  • Vision for next year
  • Have people take new roles to share knowledge among the team. Ie. handing over treasurer to a new person
  • Send out a blog post with year's goals to start strong for 2017
  • Look at github tickets that are open and plan for next year
  • Make a list of 2-3 things that are important to each person so we can regroup and align on goals
  • Have a more productive conversation about roles next week
  • Be open to different ways of doing things, so feel free to bring up ideas
  • Start with STOM US as soon as possible
  • @Martijn to write a Blog for New Board