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- Ian - Seth - Alex - Drishtie - Alyssa


@Ian will send out a doodle to figure out times for meeting going forward. SOTMUS (Alex) - Conference is really critical.

  • Idea of putting together a working group for organizing the conference.
  • OSM US Should have a clear decision-making procedures.
  • Getting an event organizer to run logistic of the event.
  • Alex still there to help in terms of design and event planning.
  • Discussion on whether we should have the conference on the weekend or weekday.

Alyssa can move forward to SOTM US organizing with Kevin Seth and Drishtie to set up some time to go over Agendas and Meeting Minutes. Seth to take over. Possible Positions for a hire _ get Input from the new board members. @Maggie and Seth

  • Executive Assistant - Managing meetings etc.
  • Event organizer - Own logistics
  • Executive Director - building the organization
  • @Ian to lead that GitHub ticket