Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Minutes/2020/02/03

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  • Minh
  • Alyssa
  • Ian
  • Jonah
  • Maggie
  • Steven

Old business

January 14 board meeting meetings approved.

Board elections

  • OpaVote sends out voting instructions
  • Formalizing wording of bylaws changes – this turned into a working session on the final language to put before voters
  • Proposed language approved for two separate questions: extending term to 2 years and imposing term limit of 2 terms
  • Candidate questions are ready to answer


  • Settled on Friday and Saturday, November 6–7, with pre-event hackathon & social event on Thursday, November 5
  • Possible events on Sunday also to coincide with Día de los Muertos
  • Maggie reached out to other OSM conferences to let them know about the date to avoid conflicts

Executive director updates

  • Wishes to thank Ian for his years of service
  • Attended FOSSDEM and met OSMF board members in person

Hold placed on calendar for board transition meeting.