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  • Alyssa
  • Minh
  • Martijn
  • Maggie
  • Dani (joined late)

Actions from previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes -- Approved unanimously

ED Update


  • Podcast featuring Maggie / Alyssa;
  • Celeste Reynolds new member of TeachOSM steering committee
  • 4 mappy hours held, one more tonight
  • Community survey results being posted on blog


  • budget is coming along but not finished, tracking down expenses etc
  • Maggie will share results from more calls with Alan Gunn before next meeting
  • Maggie Working with Ian to find new system for membership
  • CoC met 4/28. Back and forth with commenters


  • Some comments came back from OSMF
  • No next actions on our part


  • CfP out
  • We want to have the conference in person, online not on the table at the moment
  • Alyssa suggests virtual should remain on the table
  • No financial outlay to speak of yet
  • Working on backup dates
  • U of AZ will decide about fall classes end of June
  • Concern about losing the income
  • We haven't made any money from SOTM US in years
  • Planning committee makes the operational decisions around SOTM US

New Business

Budget Draft

  • Aiming to spend 100k less on SOTM US this year
  • Need new ideas for fundraising
    • New donation page in place
    • Companies are still willing to donate, anecdotally
    • Do we need actual programs?
    • We're 'competing' with OSMF for funding
    • Membership restructure
  • We need to find out the pieces of information Gunner mentioned
  • We need to figure out priorites together with ED to ensure there's time to spend on the budget pieces

Informal Meeting

  • Maggie to set up informal meeting week of 11 or 18


On time