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Güímar, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

latitude: 28.2965, longitude: -16.4302
Browse map of Güímar 28°17′47.40″ N, 16°25′48.72″ W
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Güímar is a municipality in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain at latitude 28°17′47.40″ North, longitude 16°25′48.72″ West.

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Populated places

Name id place=* Population[1] Notes
'Güímar node 610283731 town 12650 Capital of the municipality
Chacaica node 866358171 hamlet 197 Part of Güímar
Guaza node 866358765 hamlet 1036 Part of Güímar
La Hoya node 866355394 hamlet 348 Part of Güímar
San Juan node 866363701 hamlet 498 Part of Güímar
El Riego node 2094187068 hamlet Part of Güímar
La Corujera node 866369757 hamlet Part of Güímar
Puertito de Güímar node 361345383 village 3819
El Escobonal node 639594194 village 877
El Socorro node 854414149 hamlet 378
La Medida node 639595759 hamlet 271
Lomo de Mena node 854403738 hamlet 268
La Caleta node 854386170 hamlet 262
El Tablado node 854380640 hamlet 237
Pájara node 854393672 hamlet 141
Punta Prieta node 854391020 hamlet 139
La Puente node -41414 hamlet 114
Los Barrancos node 1437814750 hamlet 77
Chimaje node 1437816615 hamlet 33
Chacona node 2213313928 hamlet
El Salto del Camino Real node 1338470278 hamlet
Fátima node 2213313932 hamlet
La Puente node 1437814647 hamlet
La Raya node 1771803736 hamlet
La Somada node 2094187102 hamlet
San Francisco Javier node 2213313936 hamlet
Tambora de Abajo node 1944839810 hamlet
Tambora de Arriba node 1944839841 hamlet
Topo Negro node 2213313938 hamlet
Aguerche node 1437814844 isolated_dwelling 0
Chogo node 2094187047 isolated_dwelling

Street names

Almost completed in 2013 using Cadastre and on the ground data. There is a project to verify street names in OSM, checking that they all have a name and that it is correct. Collect information on the ground and tag your changesets with the comment "#1calle1nombre Güímar".

It is necessary to collect information from some streets and rural roads. Download this osm file to consult the priority roads to review.

Buildings and addresses

There is an active proposal to import Cadastre buildings and addresses. It will be necessary to manually review each object to be imported. The first phase of the works has begun in Candelaria and Güímar. It is already complete, pending of validation, in El Rosario You can participate in this project of the Task Manager. Next it will go through Arafo, Fasnia and Arico. Read the proposal if you wish to collaborate. Before importing addresses it is necessary to check the names of the streets, see also the street names section.