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This is our project ideas page for Google Code-In 2011.

For more lists of project ideas see the Student projects, and Things To Do pages.

Start sharing your ideas with OSM community by editing this page in the format mentioned, and start a discussion on the OpenStreetMap Developers Mailing List to seek opinions on your ideas.

Introductory Videos for OSM

You can make the Introductory videos related to OpenStreetMap and how to use OSM in daily routine. This can play the documentation role. Also include the English subtitles in your Videos.

How to Use GPS

Make a complete video on how to use GPS (Global Positioning System). You need to explain it from how to track the roads and note the points, ways and regions and how to transfer the data from GPS to computer system and how to use it.

How to use JOSM to edit OpenStreetMap

Make a video for how to use JOSM (Java Open Street Map Editor) to edit the maps. Although there are some videos available for Editing through Online Editor which is available on osm.org for editing still you can make a video from how to use JOSM for editing, try to explain every concept which uses for OpenStreetMap Editing. You also need include English Subtitles in the Video.

How to Use OpenStreetMap for Mobiles

This video can play the interesting role, as number of users are increasing day by day so the value of maps are also increasing. Most of today's mobile devices are having GPS with them so If they will known to how to tracks the roads and export it into .gpx and any other format and upload it on OpenStreetMap. This in result will help to enrichment of OSM data and maps.

Documentary on OpenStreetMap

Make a complete documentary on OpenStreetMap that why, when, how it was founded, who was its founder, how it has grown and how its growing now. How many active users does it have and show the best maps of openstreetmap, also explain about how it is beneficial for users to contribute in the OpenStreetMap.

Documentation of OpenSteetMap Projects

Choose Projects done in the OpenStreetMap, or tools using in the OpenStreetMap. Analyse If they have good documentation or not, and contribute to the one of your favorite project's documentation.

How to get started with OpenStreetMap's Develpment

Make a complete report on how to get started with OpenStreetMap's development. How students can take part in its very various activities and how they can involve them to its core development. What will be the benefits of it to students and community. How they can it can help them to their career. Prepare a complete documentation about it.

Organise Mapping Party

You can also organise the Mapping party as a part of your work in GCI and can make the map available of your area, If its already mapped you can Improve it by adding details and all the updated roads and points.

Contribute to Projects

Choose the project of your choice, contact its developer and do work for that. In this way you can participate in the community project. Here are some links for reference:

Print Maps

Make a package which should be able to print the map of the area of user's choice by adding the marker's on the map with mouse(to highlight the places) and then adding a option to generate the size of the map for printing.