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GISua is a geospatial consultancy based out of Kharkiv, Ukraine. GISua works on a wide range of projects for several clients. We also employ a data team that contributes to OpenStreetMap based on their client's requirements.


GISua has provided data improvements in the following projects:

Name of the project Name of the client we are working for Status
Mapping service roads in parking lots Mapbox Active
Mapping turn restrictions Mapbox Active

GISua Data Team

GISua data team maps and improves OpenStreetMap in collaboration with client’s project[s]. In addition to the rules that apply to everyone in the community, here are the guidelines the GISua team reiterates and adds for themselves:

  1. We listen to the community. We are looking for your feedback on how to make a better map. Get in touch with any of our team members at any time and we will be responsive. For any questions about GISua team and projects reach out to Vladimir Ovramenko or email to
  2. Quality is paramount. We hold ourselves to the highest mapping standards as documented on the OpenStreetMap Wiki or as established as common practice in the community.
  3. Local knowledge first. Where in any doubt, the locally surveyed information prevails over remote updates.
  4. We disclose all ongoing mapping efforts in the Project section of the wiki
  5. All data team members will be listed here on this OpenStreetMap Wiki page and identified on their user profiles.

Current Team members

Here are the OpenStreetMap user accounts of the GISua. For any questions, please get in touch with Vladimir Ovramenko

Name OSM Username
Andreyhmk Andreyhmk
Ludmila Gladkova Ludmila Gladkova
fluffy_unicorn fluffy_unicorn
Romashka1111 Romashka1111
Bonya_23 Bonya_23
tanboychenko tanboychenko
Irina Karachevtseva Irina Karachevtseva
Vladimir Ovramenko Vladimir Ovramenko
BogDan_Olegovich BogDan_Olegovich
_julia_ _julia_
john_13 john_13
shpakudza shpakudza
Constantinum Constantinum
aleksgreben aleksgreben
Popova Alena Popova Alena
ArtemKravchenko ArtemKravchenko
Ann Khroshun Ann Khroshun
Maria Guslyakova Maria Guslyakova
ukrainian_falcon ukrainian_falcon
Elizaveta Bugaichuk Elizaveta Bugaichuk
InessaZavada InessaZavada
Lena Vitolberg Lena Vitolberg
Gulchevskaya Gulchevskaya
Victoria1901 Victoria1901
Demiar Demiar

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Please send any general feedback on GISua's work on OpenStreetMap to Vladimir Ovramenko or email to