GPS Logger for Android

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GPS Logger for Android
GPS Logger for Android main screen.png
License: GNU General Public License
Platform: Android
Version: 127 (2023-05-06)
Language: English
Source code:
Programming language: Java

Battery efficient GPX logger.

A battery efficient GPS logger application for Android that works on Android 1.5 onwards. A guide for OSM logging is available. GPS logger supports uploading to OSM, at regular intervals, when a track ends, and/or manually.

The app can be downloaded from Github or F-Droid.

GPS Logger uses the GPS capabilities of an Android phone to log coordinates to a GPX file at custom time/distance intervals. This can be particularly useful for geotagging photos after a day out or share travel routes with someone. The purpose of this application is to be battery efficient to save battery power when abroad and last as long as possible.

A useful feature is the "passive" location source, which listens for locations acquired by other apps instead of asking for locations actively. This can be helpful when another app that also uses location is running. Such apps may include street-view collection for Mapillary/OpenStreetView records, wardriving with Mozilla Stumbler/WiGLE, or simply an AR game based on GPS.