GPS TrackMaker

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GPS TrackMaker
Author: Odilon Ferreira Junior
License: proprietary (free and paid version available) (free / 167.44 €)
Platforms: win (XP , Windows Vista, 7 ,  ?) , linux (via [[wine]] - tested) , and probably also macOS via wine
Version: 13.9
Languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese

GPS down/upload, track edit, tour planning (no routing), ...

GPS TrackMaker is a track/waypoint display and edit program, and some more features.

  • Can up- and download tracks, route, waypoints from Garmin (and some other) GPS devices via serial connection (COM port) or USB.
  • Runs via wine under Linux (at least serial GPS access and track editing works).
  • Allows to display (on a blank background or an optional coarse world map), edit and save GPS tracks in many different file formats. Beware: swaps day and month in timestamps if tracks are saved in gpx format.
  • Can open shapefiles (seem to get converted to tracks)
  • No easy OSM map or data display/use.
  • See specification for more.
  • Commercial product with free lite version.