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GTFS-OSM-Validator is console tool written in Python that takes GTFS as an input and dumps all errors it finds where OSM can be improved.

Purpose of this tool is to help find errors and differences between GTFS and OSM data. It will also help point to errors in PTv2 routes in OSM. It covers wide range of errors, tag checks, geometry checks… (check for detailed list).

Once you import data in OSM (or when new version of GTFS data is released), you can use this tool to check if all data from GTFS is imported in OSM correctly and what are differences.

Tool is heavily relying on PTv2 spec and do not try to deviate from it.

This tool is not general-purpose PTv2 quality assurance tool, even though it points to a lot of PTv2 errors in OSM. It is handy if you are OK with console output and quick iterations as you can grep it, cron it, sed it as you like. Check Public transport/Quality Assurance for other great tools.


Using GTFS-OSM-Validator assumes you are familiar with console line and you can work/edit Python programs. Check for detailed usage.

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