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General information

OSM Map on Garmin Montana 600

The Garmin Montana series has been developed for use on both outdoor/biking or car/motorcycles activities. The housing is Ipx7 waterproof and the 4-inch (272 x 480 pixels) screen works well even in direct sunshine. Features includes: electronic 3-axis compass, barometic altimeter, 3GB internal memory plus microSD slot, qwerty touch keyboard and WAAS/EGNOS GPS receiver. It uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or AA batteries.


  • Montana 600
  • Montana 600t - incl. topographic maps
  • Montana 650 - incl. camera
  • Montana 650t - incl. camera and topographic maps

OSM on Montana

OSM Maps can be either copied in the GARMIN folder in the internal device memory or in the microSD card. Map names shall end in ".img" and can have whatsoever name you prefer.

All tested features works as expected (using mkgmap from late 2013), including:

  • Routing
  • Address/Location/POI search
  • Multiple maps/contours