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Came in two models. I and II

Quest 1

Garmin Quest 1

Car satnav with colour display. In System Setup: GPS mode Normal, External Power Lost to Stay On, Safe Mode to Off Discontinued product, so available second hand.

Good Things

  • Standard mini USB connection
  • connects to any software (PC software converts to gpx. extract with Windows GPSU)
  • control sampling rate (set Time to lowest 00:00:01 second hh:mm:ss)
  • external antenna socket for WAAS EGNOS ability
  • choice of location format on WGS84
  • rechargeable fixed battery has more life than mapper.
  • Fits Garmin bike mount.
  • comes with car windscreen mount with 12 Volt speaker cigarette lighter plug

Bad Things

Workaround: edit existing waypoint.

  • lack of breadcrumb trail until track is converted to a route
  • fold out 'squariel'
  • usual Garmin problems with sampling. More samples recorded on curves. Less on straights. See etrex above.


Effective for recording tracks with vehicles and bikes. When walking, place in breast pocket with square antenna outermost or handhold with squariel horizontal. Has been used for geocaching and geotagging photos.