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Geel, Belgium

latitude: 51.161388, longitude: 4.9902778
Browse map of Geel 51°09′41.00″ N, 4°59′25.00″ E
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Geel is a city in Belgium at latitude 51°09′41.00″ North, longitude 4°59′25.00″ East.

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As you all can see there is a lot of mapping to do in the rural eareas.

Geel is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp. The municipality comprises 12 towns:

Bel, Elsum, Holven, Larum, Oostetrlo, Punt, Sint Amands, Sint Dimpna, Stelen, Ten Aard, Winkelomheide and Zammel

As on the 31th december 2007:

Number of inhabinants: 36 020 (18 119 men - 17 901 women).

Number of nationalities: 97.

Number of deaths: 299.

Number of marriages: 128.

Number of divorces: 69.

number of births: 370.

Mapping Party

See WikiProject_Belgium/Activities#Mapping_party_Geel

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