GeoBus Step by Step Mapping Party

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An OSM Project to promote mapping across the United States. The goal is to be a step by step guide to running a mapping party.

See also Mapping Weekend Howto

Initial Questions

  • This can be accessed from the account name for a default value

Possible returned data

  • Find local mappers
  • Find a local OSM page
  • Allow the user to select from a list of nearby groups and an option to start a new one.

Where and When

  • Have you selected a venue or meeting place?
  • Do you have a date in mind?
  • How many people do you have in mind?
  • Will it be open to the public


  • Press release information
  • List of people to contact
  • Something downloadable
  • Flyer
  • Template

Pre-event Handouts

  • Useful information for people and venues running the parties


  • Tagging Cheat Sheet
  • "Three page template"

Post Event

  • Questionnaires