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Geoapify GmbH offers commercial services for geospatial and location intelligence technologies. The Geoapify Location Platform provides APIs and ready to use solutions that help to create customs maps, build routes and isolines, analyze geodata. It combines best existing software components and data sources, including OpenStreetMap, as a foundation, fits them together, and adds convenience and unified API on top to abstract underlying complexity and offer best customer experience.

Geoapify focuses on the needs of small and medium businesses, individuals, government and non-profit organizations around the world, and makes it easy and very cost-efficient to implement any kind of geo-applications.

Location Platform APIs

Geoapify cloud platform gives access to the majority of components that one would need to build a new application, website, or solve location or routing-related problems. To cover additional requirements, the company provides consultancy, custom software, and web development and, when necessary, can set up and manage dedicated servers or implement 100% on-premise installations.


Address and Location



All the APIs support multiple transportation modes including 'drive', 'truck', 'bicycle', 'walk', and 'transit' modes.


Isoline API - reachability analysis (isochrone and isodistance maps).


All the APIs can be tested in the interactive Playground.

Map builder

In addition to the Location APIs, Geoapify offers an interactive map builder - Mapifator that lets to generate maps with pins with a graphical interface.

Other projects

In addition, Geoapify technology powers a number of useful niche websites, like Commute Time Map that shows public transport reachability from/to one or multiple locations, worldwide, and can be used for choosing optimal places to stay or live.

Free usage for non-commercial organizations and education projects

Geoapify offers free map tiles, geocoding and other services for non-commercial and education projects. Geoapify services can be used as:

  • a raster tile provider
  • an endpoint for Geocoding and address search.
  • access to the OpenStreetMap database object properties via Places and Place Details API.
  • access to the OpenStreetMap roads via Routing, Map Matching and other Routes APIs.