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The student projects that have been accepted to take part in the year 2018 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) are listed below, along with the OSM (main) mentor assigned to the student.

The names (mentors and students) are linked to the wiki user pages, the title is linked to a more detailed project description. The documentation column will be filled by the students where the project progress can be found.

Student Name Mentors Project Title Documentation of Project Progress Completed
Anusha Singh

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dkocich OSM Public Transport Editor-2nd Part Commits, posts: phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, final report Yes
Biswesh Mohapatra

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Vincent Privat

Continued development of Public Transport Assistant Entire code of PT Assistant plugin, commits: set 1, set 2

Diary entry, post by Polyglot

Florian Schäfer

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Michael Zangl Extend wikipedia plugin for JOSM, especially with regard to wikidata Wiki page JOSM/Plugins/Wikipedia/GSoC 2018 Yes
Heorhi Sidoryn

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Golang implementation of OpenStreetMap API osmlab/yalcha

Diary entries: results of first 2 weeks, week 3

Princi Vershwal

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Bryan Housel

Sajjad Anwar

iD Editor : Support for vector tile data Diary entry, document Yes
Thomas Hervey

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Bryan Housel

Marc Farra

Adding Notes to iD Editor Diary entries: intro, week 1, week 3, update & next steps, preview OSM notes in iD, `new-note` mode Yes
Srikant Chepuri

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GTFS Converter code, diary entries: 1, 2


Overview of completed GSoC projects for OSM on the GSoC website