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Contact / Google Hangout

Contact info for FOSSGIS development server:

winfixit AUF

I'm available for a hangout session very often, if you need help with JOSM or you want to discuss tagging of public transport routes or cycle node networks, or Mapillary. Just try to connect during evenings when you see I'm online.

Ik ben zeer vaak beschikbaar voor een hangout, als je vragen hebt over het gebruik van JOSM, of als je het mappen van Openbaar vervoer of fietsknooppuntennetwerken wenst te bespreken.

Je suis très souvent disponible pour une session hangout, si vous voulez de l'assistance avec JOSM, ou si vous voulez discuter comment mapper le transport en commun ou des réseaux numérotés pour cyclistes. Mon courrier électronique est au dessus de la page.

Channel on Youtube with some videos mostly about mapping (public transport) with JOSM, but older ones describe other topics as well

Data to import

Lines of De Lijn and TEC, which will open as a new layer in JOSM if Remote Control is enabled

The same data, but directly available as files on Dropbox

Haltes De Lijndata (updated regularly)

Arrêts données TEC / SRWT (updated every few months)

Tram rails in Brussels (UrbIS)

Description of conversion process

Description of how data of public transport company De Lijn and TEC was imported

Feedback about stops to De Lijn (Position differs)

Older stuff about cycle routes

User:Polyglot/Some ways to simplify editing cycle node routes with JOSM


Where am I?

Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium, Europe

Area of interest

Cycling / Hiking

I started out mapping cycling node networks, developed a script to do quality control on them. I mapped a smaller part of Zuid-Dijleland hiking network and a major part of the one East of Leuven (Wandelknooppuntennetwerk Hageland). I can't seem to finish it, as I'm very much dependent on public transport for getting out there and back. This worked fine for the parts I managed to complete, but not for the remaining parts.

Public transport

Lately I'm working on mapping of public transport, stops and routes. Developing some scripts to help skip the boring parts.

Assistance with imports of data

I try to help out people who try to import data, like the borders in Uganda or public transport in Lima. I'd love to get official data about the combis in Cusco. I started surveying them, but it's a challenge to keep them up-to-date from 10000 km away.

I helped with the conversion of the UrbIS dataset containing all buildings and their addresses in the Brussels Region.


Recently I discovered Mapillary, which provides an answer to the nagging question of what to do with all those mapping pictures I'm taking. I tried OpenStreetView as well, but it was just too cumbersome.

Current gear

For transportation

A foldable bicycle (Popal 20" €220, initially. In the mean time I used up 2 Dahon Traveller bicycles) and an 'abonnement' of De Lijn for the cold/rainy days. Now I can 'extend' the bus with a bicycle ride and take the bike along with me without having to pay the extra €5 per trip on the train!

Android Smartphone

I'm probably on my third Android phone by now, after dabbling with dataloggers and Windows CE 6 phone for a while.

Huawei G700 delivers an 8MP camera with GPS, accelerometer and electronic compass. The battery life is sufficient to go on for a few hours, or a few days when not mapping.


I still have the Sony Ericsson K750i GSM with built-in camera. It's mostly collecting dust nowadays unfortunately.


Mapping and contributing is all well and good, but it's fun to create some results from that data as well. I created this map with Maperitive:

Pad van Ad.PNG Pad van Ad.SVG

Then used it here: Ad Wouters on Wikipedia

Here they are using Openstreetmap data as well:

Ad's Path on Wikivoyage

On the map I created it's possible to see a combination of the route I was describing (blue), together with public transport stops and routes (light blue/pink) and the walking node network (red/orange) and, of course OSM data. This is unique and only 10 years ago it would have been impossible to achieve such a result.