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Peru, South America

latitude: -10.261, longitude: -76.641
Browse map of Peru 10°15′39.60″ S, 76°38′27.60″ W
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Peru is a country in South America at latitude 10°15′39.60″ South, longitude 76°38′27.60″ West.
Flag of Peru Peru Mapping Project,
the home of Peru on the OpenStreetMap wiki.
Hello! Welcome to the project for mapping efforts in Peru!
You can find here national events, ongoing projects, map status and mapping guidelines, as well as links to other pages directly related to the mapping of Peru.
You may also find a list of contacts and mappers involved with the OpenStreetMap community in Peru.



We have a list of members of the Peruvian community of OpenStreetMap in ES:Perú/Comunidad.

Mail list

Since 2008 we have the mailing list Talk-pe, which is the list of users of the Peru project, which is to be able to ask questions, discuss issues, coordinate events and publish news. To contact please send an email to

Social networks

Since 2010 we have expanded communication networks, among them we have the accounts:

How to collaborate

Basics activities

The StreetComplete app (in this image) indicates what content are incomplete in Lima city, for example.

If you are new to OpenStreetMap, don't worry. You are welcome to add some information about your neighborhood, add a business or name a street. Learn how the editing system works from the article guide for beginners. You must have your OSM account, click to register if you haven't.

  • The best way to participate in a few steps, even if you don't have enough time to do it, is to use the Android app StreetComplete. Some tips you can consult in this special section.
  • You can also edit with applications with the native editor. Any popular questions are available at Frequently Asked Questions (in spanish).

Avanced activities

  • If you use a gps and have traces in Peru that you want to share with the project, you can upload your traces for free. Don't forget to tag the word Peru so that your tracks are added directly with this tag to the project, here you can see the tracks in Peru.
  • To get them to work with your neighborhood, use the Field Papers so you can add those details that only you know. If you have any questions, ask with us in the mail list.
  • For third-party content. External sources and data such as free licensed maps and documents can be found in Sources and data. If you are an expert in importing open data, you can consult ES:Perú/Importación.
  • For quality control, you consult Quality control with Osmose
  • To complement participation in cities, we have information pages on Arequipa and the urban region Lima-Callao.
  • For more information visit the correspondient page.


For those who frequently use OpenStreetmap or do not have clear information detailing in the city, we recommend following some suggestions, drawn by the community or in institutions ES:Perú/Convenciones (English edition).

More information (in spanish):

This can vary as we expand to details about our reality.


Eventos edit
Mapping party 31 Mar. Yo mapeo, por una educación inclusiva, Lima, Perú
MISC 5 Feb. Peru remapping
Conference 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. State of the Map - LatAm 2017, Lima, Perú Peru
Mapping party 25 May Semana de Accesibilidad Cusco 2016, Cusco, Peru Peru
Mapping party 24 Nov. Mapping Raymi Lima OSMpe, Lima, Perú
Mapping party 13–14 Sep. Mapping Raymi Lima OSMpe, Lima, Perú
Meeting 9 Aug. Reunión comunidad OSMpe, Lima, Perú
Speaking 21 Feb. Geo Meetup Lima, Lima, Perú
Conference 19 Oct. Conferencia: Free4All 2011 (Comunidad de Software Libre San Marcux), Lima, Perú
Speaking 13 Aug. Open Data Meetup Lima, Lima, Perú
Conference 30 Apr. Conferencia: FLISoL 2011, Lima, Perú
Mapping party 9 Apr. Mapping Party Rutas del Bus Metropolitano, Lima, Perú
Social 18 Mar. Reunión del proyecto OSM Perú / viernes 18 de marzo 4.00 pm en Escuelab, Lima, Perú
Conference 26–27 Aug. Jornada de conversatorios sobre cartografía social, territorios y tecnologías libres., Lima, Perú
Mapping party 21–22 Aug. Fin de Semana de Mapeo en Lima, Lima, Perú

HOT Activations


Departamento o provincia constitucional Capital
Amazonas relation 1973462 Chachapoyas node 1230775254
Ancash relation 1953170 Huaraz node 1230775088
Apurímac relation 1929522 Abancay node 1230775126
Arequipa relation 1879287 Arequipa node 1230775043
Ayacucho relation 1930901 Ayacucho node 1230775224
Cajamarca relation 1896111 Cajamarca node 1230775133
Callao (Provincia Constitucional) relation 1944657 Callao node 1230775177
Cusco relation 1923695 Cusco node 1230775156
Huancavelica relation 1933551 Huancavelica node 1230774993
Huánuco relation 1954493 Huánuco node 1230775000
Ica relation 1899013 Ica node 1230775060
Junín relation 1948258 Huancayo node 1230775049
La Libertad relation 1967959 Trujillo node 1230774980
Lambayeque relation 1969722 Chiclayo node 1230775023
Lima relation 1944659 Huacho node 1230775171
Loreto relation 1994077 Iquitos node 1230775094
Madre de Dios relation 1891287 Puerto Maldonado node 1230775077
Moquegua relation 1875889 Moquegua node 1230775270
Pasco relation 1948452 Cerro de Pasco node 1230775201
Piura relation 1986151 San Miguel de Piura node 1230775107
Puno relation 1907899 Puno node 1230775247
San Martín relation 1971661 Moyobamba node 1230775198
Tacna relation 1874307 Tacna node 1230775030
Tumbes relation 1986974 Tumbes node 1230775012
Ucayali relation 1921996 Pucallpa node 1230775072


Routes from MTC

Las rutas de la red vial nacional están indicadas por el Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones. Por favor añada como fuente mediante source=MTC.

  • In red: interregional or national land routes (in osm, Trunk), whose abbreviation begins with PE-XX. Applies to the whole country.As for the Pan American
    • For Pan-American only: Motorways tend to abbreviate PE-1N to the north or PE-1S to the south. There may be variations in the PE-1NO as PE, PE-1SE, etc.
    • Only some areas: central routes tend to be abbreviated PE or PE-3N-5N in the direction where they arrive. For example, the Sierra Longitudinal Sur is PE-3N.
  • In green: Regional Tours (primary) a three-digit number, prefixed by the two initials of the department is assigned is located. Example Lima LM-101, La Libertad LI-101.
  • In yellow: State Routes (secondary or tertiary), similar to the primary but a different number is assigned to 100 Example LM-356..
  • In yellow: Local routes (minor), tends to be called with the prefix R. Example R-34.
  • In separated half lines: developing routes are still in the process of planning or construction.

Thematic maps

infographics about Peru] by geographical or cultural nature.

Satellite Images


Complete view: relation Map


Complete view: relation Map

Quality Control

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