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Configuration File

The config file is named GpsMaster.config and is located in the current directory. As there is no GUI support yet to change the configuration, it is advised to edit the config file manually. The content is simple XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <name>RAL 1003 Signal Yellow</name>
      <name>RAL 2010 Signal Orange</name>
      <name>Stamen Toner</name>
      <name>Google Maps</name>
XML Tag allowed values Description Comment
activitySupport true, false enables/disables the widget to display, set and save the activity performed when the GPS track was recorded.
positionZoom 1 .. 19 Zoom level of slippy map, set on program start overwritten on program exit
lat, lon (double) Latitude, longitude of slippy map center, set on program start overwritten on program exit
lastOpenDirectory, lastSaveDirectory (string) name says all. overwritten on program exit
screenTime (integer) number of seconds after which volatile messages are removed from screen.
showWarnings true, false show/hide warnings, i.e. generated when loading GPX files.
proxyHost host name or IP address Proxy Host
proxyPort 0 ... 65535 Proxy Port
tempDirectory (string) name says all.
trackLineWidth (double) line width of GPS tracks, as painted on the map.
unitSystem METRIC, IMPERIAL, NAUTICAL System of measurement for numerical values, as displayed in properties table etc.
zoomControls true, false show/hide zoom controls (zoom slider) on the slippy map
showScalebar true, false if the scale bar in the lower left corner of the map is to be shown