Graian Alps Mapping party

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On July 17,18 we would like to organize is an international mapping party in the Gran Paradiso national park; international because we'd like to contact our french neighbours, considering that the french area next to the park is itself a protected area: the Parc National de la Vanoise. It would be nice to met eachother and know new mappers in a so particular and fashinating land as the mountain.


I'll contact the park soon and I'll propose the idea, and because there is already a official friendship between the two parks, it would be possible to get the contacts for the french mappers.

Preliminary poll

To make easier the organization I setup a poll. I know that is too early and nobody knows what to do in july and august but I think that a rough preliminary poll is useful (at least mark your busy weeks).

-- Lucadelu 23:16, 18 february 2010

There is unanimous consent about July 17,18

-- Ale_Zena_IT 15 June 2010

What are we doing

The contacts with the park have been constructive ... in fact the park has contacted us to map some trails of interest to them in exchange for giving us the opportunity to use the shelter of the Grand Plan [1]. The first meeting is Friday 16 at around 9.30 at the station in Ivrea, others rising Saturday morning. You can view the map here


Surely there is to map the path 550 at the express request of the Park (it will be map by Federico and Roby on saturday), the other path are chosen during the days.


If you are interested in attending to the mapping party, you can sign down here (this is an informal list, just to see who may be coming).

Attending: Presenti +/-
Name Starting from? Do you have a car?
Lucadelu ??? yes
FedericoCozzi Milan yes
Ale_Zena_IT Genoa, Genes no
ilrobi Milan no
Maybe: Forse
Xapitoun France
Not attending: non presenti
Stemby Milan sopraggiunti impegni