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Grand Junction, Colorado, United States
latitude: 39.064722, longitude: -108.564444
Browse map of Grand Junction 39°03′53.00″ N, 108°33′52.00″ W
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Grand Junction is a City in Colorado, United States at latitude 39°03′53.00″ North, longitude 108°33′52.00″ West.

Local OSM Group

Local user group
Western Slope OpenStreetMap 
When: ~Monthly
Where: 750 Main St. Grand Junction, CO 81501 (map)
Mailing list
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Let's map the Western Slope! Yeah, yeah... there are lots of maps out there and plenty of local government data too but the data available isn't always imported into OSM for the public to use easily.. And OSM has pretty decent detail in the region. And as we can see... things are always changing, new trails, new businesses and new roads.

The goal of this group is to introduce OpenStreetMap to the community, develop a community of mappers, create the most amazing geodata possible using whatever method we can and finally strategize in order to get this data out into our community. Imagine accurate trail signage! Imagine further development of bike paths! Imagine anything you want, that's the joy of OpenStreetMap!

  • Develop OSM users in Western Colorado
  • Create and maintain the best geographic data available
  • Be a model of community driven data and city/county collaboration
  • Advance geospatial knowledge in Western Colorado

Description of Region

The Western Slope of Colorado refers to a region of the U.S. state of Colorado incorporating everything in the state west of the Continental Divide, including Garfield, Mesa, Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Ouray and San Miguel counties. The Colorado River and its tributaries divide the region into north and south at Grand Junction, Colorado. The area has a growing OSM community.

Future Events

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