Greyhound stadiums in the United Kingdom

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There are 21 registered stadiums and 5 independent in the United Kingdom (according to Wikipedia).



Stadiums are often dual-use with motorcycle speedway as an inner track and greyhound racing as the outer. Looking at all examples before suggesting which is the 'best'.

List of stadiums

Stadium Relation Ways Status
Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester relation way 289927249 as a way not tagged dog_racing, way 289927249 building tagged dog_racing, car park way 120082006 not related, and is the fence way 120081998 the outer perimeter? (2018) mixed tagging
Brighton and Hove Stadium, Brighton and Hove way 119303344 way 105466337 (2018) stadium and track both mapped but no perimeter/relation
Crayford Stadium, Bexley, London boundary way 37804732, building not plotted, track way 5154151 no dog_racing tags (2018) basics plotted but could be improved, no dog_racing tagging
Doncaster Greyhound Stadium, Doncaster way 306690791 (2018) perimeter only. No dog_racing tag
Harlow Stadium, Harlow, Essex way 208406982, recreation_ground is perimeter? way 208406982, no dog_racing tag (2018) needs detail
Henlow Stadium, Central Bedfordshire node 516226201 and perimeter way 41814158 and way 41814141 (2018) point and 2 ways
Kinsley Stadium, Wakefield perimeter way 57870368 no dog_racing tag (2018) needs detail
Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton way 43157630 (2018) unknown
Newcastle Stadium, Newcastle upon Tyne way 468265654 ?? or is it a human running track? (2018) unknown
Nottingham Stadium, Nottingham way 231225000 perimeter, way 87308582 'sport=greyhound', way 231204948 clubhouse? (2018) unknown
Pelaw Grange, County Durham way 174855391, way 399200413 clubhouse? (2018) unknown
Perry Barr Stadium, Birmingham relation 5751902 relation 'sport=greyhound racing', consisting way 22888094 outer and way 386496870 inner. (2018) This _could_ be the model answer.
Peterborough Greyhounds, Peterborough way 543028198 way 297343851 (2018) unknown
Poole Stadium, Poole, Dorset way 188508303, needs outer greyhound track plotting (2018) unknown
Romford Stadium, Havering, London way 22793687 (2018) low on detail
Shawfield Stadium, South Lanarkshire way 156861068 (2018) low on detail
Sheffield Stadium, Sheffield way 23049344, way 394755113 speedway track (2018) unknown
Sittingbourne Stadium, Swale, Kent way 394693529, speedway track way 394693528 (2018) unknown
Sunderland Stadium, Sunderland service road way 620863243 (2018) not mapped
Swindon Stadium, Swindon speedway way 114512950, way 184883737 clubhouse (2018) unknown
Towcester Stadium, Towcester (currently in administration) pretty sure this is the greyhound track way 607915752 (2018) unknown
Yarmouth Stadium, Great Yarmouth the greyhound track? way 207468838 and way 207468837, clubhouse way 207467577 (2018) unknown
Independent stadium Relation Ways Status
Askern Greyhound Stadium, Doncaster (2018) unknown
Highgate Stadium, Barnsley (2018) unknown
Thornton Stadium, Fife (2018) unknown
Valley Greyhound Stadium, Ystrad Mynach (2018) unknown
Wheatley Hill Stadium, Durham (2018) unknown