GroundTruth Characters Conversion Table

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Characters conversion table

This table covers the conversion of extended Latin letters used for most frequent European or Turkic languages (that are encodable with Unicode mappings from common ISO 8859, MacOS, Windows or OEM/DOS character sets). This conversion is suitable for Central/Baltic/Nordic European or Turkic languages: extended letters substituted below using the proposed digrams should be tuned according to the target language, and you may need more substitutions for African or Asian languages (notably Vietnamese).

The original OSM data is encoded using Unicode and is not limited to these Latin subsets. More recent Garmin devices (or devices with updated firmwares) support suitable builtin fonts that do not require using these substitutions in the generated map files for properly displaying these common characters.

Latin vowels
Original Converted Original Converted
á a Á A
à À
â Â
ã Ã
ā Ā
ă Ă
ą Ą
å aa Å Aa
ä ae Ä Ae
æ Æ
é e É E
è È
ê Ê
ë Ë
ě Ě
ē Ē
ę Ę
í i Í I
ì Ì
î Î
ï Ï
ī Ī
ı İ
į Į
ó o Ó O
ô Ô
õ Õ
ō Ō
ő Ő
ö oe Ö Oe
ø Ø
œ Œ
ú u Ú U
ù Ù
û Û
ū Ū
ű Ű
ų Ų
ü ue Ü Ue
ů uu Ů Uu
ý y Ý Y
ÿ Ÿ
Latin consonants
Original Converted Original Converted
ć c Ć C
č Č
ç Ç
ď d Ď D
đ Đ
ð dh Ð Dh
ğ g Ğ G
ģ Ģ
ķ k Ķ K
ĺ l Ĺ L
ľ Ľ
ļ Ļ
ł Ł
ń n Ń N
ň Ň
ñ Ñ
ņ Ņ
ŕ r Ŕ R
ř Ř
ś s Ś S
š Š
ş Ş
ș Ș
ß ss Ss
ť t Ť T
ţ Ţ
ț Ț
þ th Þ Th
ź z Ź Z
ž Ž
ż Ż