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General plan

A mapping party will be held at December 30th from 17:30 with a social meetup afterwards at 20:00 at Balthazar (the old Café Viktor), everyone's invited and people are quite welcome to come to the mapping event itself, only the social event, or any combination of those two.

At least some people in the party will be on bicycles, but you can bring whatever transport you'd like, even if that's only your feet.

Who's showing up?

Add yourself here if you want to come

  • Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason - Can bring a bicycle & camera (for photomapping); Can join Dec 29-31 as of ~17:00
  • the_blanz has indicated interest ("Ég þarf að vinna til sunnudags. Ég á fri á næstu viku nema gamlaársdagsnótt")
  • Þórir Már Jónsson - I'll bring my camera, gps and a car or a bike.

For newbies

You'll preferably need to bring a GPS (see Mapping techniques and the general Map Making Overview page)

If you don't have a GPS you can be of help by bringing a camera and following someone with a GPS around, taking pictures of interesting stuff (street signs, points of interest etc).

If you don't have either of those things you can still tag along and have fun cycling.

Mapping plan

  1. Show up at 17:30 in in front of the University of Iceland main building
  2. Map the main university area, in particular
  3. Bike/drive/whatever up to Fossvogsdalur and map the area between Bústaðavegur and Nýbýlavegur
    • This street needs naming and a surveying of its sub-streets similar to how Eyraland has been mapped
    • There's a smaller but similar road network around Traðaland in need of surveying
    • Furugrund and Ástún have sub-streets which need surveying
    • There are a few football fields and other pitches in the area that aren't on the map
  4. If we still have time, start surveying The Breiðholt area and see how far we can go with that
    • The area inside Arnarbakki and east of Skógarsel has missing Tag:highway=residential
    • Mjóddin is unsurveyed
    • If we /still/ have time we can start surveying the rest of Breiðholt north of Breiðholtsbraut. It's practically unmapped aside from the major connecting roads which all have unmapped residential street branches hanging off them in all directions.

The weather

According to vedur.is there might be slight precipitation, heat 1-3 degrees and the wind a calm 2-3 m/s.


Map of the general area we'll be mapping