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A WikiProject is a section in the current wiki gathering pages relating to a mapping project, usually for a particular country/territory.

The "WikiProject" page name prefix was used for these pages since the early days of OpenStreetMap, and is something we're stuck with. See Wiki guidelines#Titles - Page naming convention Talk:Wiki organisation

See the Category:Projects for list of categorized WikiProjects. Or the Mapping projects list and List of territory based projects



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WikiProjects can have subpages storing information available in the scope of the entire project using a set of templates. For example for WikiProject France, the params subpage has the following information stored, name: France, lat: 47.14, lon: 3.21.

When creating city pages, consider dropping all subpage and other page name prefixes and keeping page names simple. For example "Liverpool". much easier!


The param subpage stores slash separated common informations.

Those informations are, in order :