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A list of territory based projects that focus on mapping a particular country or territory. Pages on each territory will often link through to localised information down to a regional and city/town level. Follow the links to find out about mapping near you!

By region

LocationNorthAmerica.png   LocationSouthAmerica.png   LocationEurope.png   LocationAfrica.png   LocationAsia.png   LocationOceania.png   LocationAntarctica.png
North America South America Europe Africa Asia Oceania Antarctica


Look at this link to see the mapping projects on a map:

East Africa
Northern Africa
Western and Central Africa
Southern Africa


Northern and Central Asia
Eastern and South-Eastern Asia
Southern Asia
Western Asia


European Union
Other European countries or territories

North America

Northern America
Central America

South America



We do not have a wiki page to coordinate efforts to draw a map for each country. If you are drawing a map in a country that was not mentioned above, do not hesitate to start a new page of the project wiki. To do this, you can come in handy List of sovereign states and dependent territories by continent on Wikipedia.

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