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Iceland, Europe

latitude: 64.86, longitude: -18.52
Browse map of Iceland 64°51′36.00″ N, 18°31′12.00″ W
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Iceland is a Country in Europe at latitude 64°51′36.00″ North, longitude 18°31′12.00″ West. See Map Features for Iceland for tagging assistance


WANTED: a healthy and thriving community of Icelandic road fans and mappers from Iceland and all corners of the world. Enquire below:

People mapping in Iceland can add their user page to Category:Users in Iceland

Data sources

Free data sources

These have been confirmed to be under OSM compatible licenses and can be used while mapping:

  • Vegaskrá from Vegagerðin is a public domain document, according to email correspondence with Vegagerðin. This means it can be used as a source of names and numbers for roads. We use the more common names for the ring road, but other than that, the vegaskrá is probably a good source. I followed up with Vegagerðin, asking if they had shapefiles or anything similar for the entire roadnetwork, as of October 11, they "do not provide any shapefiles or similar datasets for outside use" I didn't feel like pushing any further, though I'm sure that they probably could be convinced to do so if someone really wanted.
  • Já hf has given permission for OpenStreetMap contributors to reference Já 360 street-level photographs when editing the map. You can view these by going to the Já map, clicking on the "360° götusýn" button, then clicking on any road highlighted in blue.

The data published by Landmælingar Íslands (National Land Survey of Iceland) is open and available for use in editing OpenStreetMap. An attribution is appreciated and can be published in a separate page.

Signed, Eydís Líndal Finnbogadóttir

General Director of National Land Survey of Iceland

Data already available

Some data is mapped based on sources provided by public agencies and other agreements OSM has made and mappers should be careful not to "correct" that data unless they have a good reason to.

  • BING has an ongoing agreement with OSM to use its images. They licensed areal photos of Reykjavík from Loftmyndir ehf which are pretty good but are from the year 2004. Be careful of using the areal photos to edit areas in Reykjavík which have changed after that.
  • LUKR pathway data is available and there's an agreement for a yearly update. The pathways are on OSM but don't appear until they're verified.
  • Garðabær provided outlines of streets and pathways which have been processed. It still needs work and the town could use some POIs.

Potential data sources

  • Á vegum Ferðaklúbbsins 4x4 er starfandi Ferlaráð sem safnar ferlum af hálendinu í samstarfi við Landmælingar Íslands. Þeirra hagur væri rútanlega Garmin kortið og mikil kortagerðaþekking OpenStreetMap samfélagsins. (áður en haft er samband ættum við að kynna okkur hálendiskortlagningu OpenStreetMap í öðrum löndum).
  • The city of reykjavik, operating Borgarvefsjá replied to my query about licensing with this,

You are free to use what you see in Borgarvefsjá. You can download it through the Print button, which is nr. 9 from left on the tool bar on the lower edge of the screen. You should let be seen from where you get the data if you are publishing some products based on this data on the Internet.

I don't feel that's very clear, and I don't feel like chasing it up further, but anyone else feel free to, in the meantime, I won't be using it. I can provide the details of who I was talking to there if anyone wants Kpalsson 22:30, 25 October 2007 (BST)

  • Óbyggðanefnd - Óbyggðanefnd is working on defining borders of commons owned by the government (þjóðlendur) as distinct from private property. It would be good to get these borders on OSM as they're very useful for e.g. hunting.
  • LMÍ maintains a database called lýsigagnavefurinn which aggregates map databases of Iceland. A lot of these are privately owned and some might be willing to donate data.

Official non-copyrighted data sources

Sources that include official information which is exempted from Icelandic copyright law and can therefore be used freely.

If you have implemented the source to its full extent into OSM, please put [implemented] in the front (and after the star).

Contacted owners of data sources

Data owner Contact (i.e. department) Data requested Status User
Siglingastofnun Þórunn Elín Elínardóttir Hafnarkort (2009-10-15) Contacted via email, recieved reply with further questions. Qestions answered. Waiting further reply. Þórir Már
Landhelgisgæslan Vitaskrá (2009-10-15) No contact made yet.
Bæjarskrifstofur Seltjarnarness Ólafur Melsteð Data from Landupplýsingakerfi Seltjarnarness (2009-10-27) Email sent to Ólafur Melsteð Þórir Már
Hafnarfjörður Guðjón Ingi Ellertsson, skipulags- og byggingasvið Street and path coordinates, location of streets and house numbers, height lines Official request to Skipulags- og byggingaráð Svavar Kjarrval
Garðabær Eysteinn Haraldsson, bæjarverkfræðingur Any data useful for maps Request approved. Got outlines for streets and pathways in Microstation DGN format. Svavar Kjarrval
Mosfellsbær Þór Sigurþórsson & Tómas Guðberg Gíslason, employees at Tækni- og umhverfissvið Any data useful for maps (2010-11-29) E-mail sent to Þór Sigurþórsson & Tómas Guðberg Gíslason Svavar Kjarrval
Umhverfisstofnun Jón Örvar Geirsson Jónsson, Svið fræðslu og upplýsinga Nature reserve coordinates (2011-04-28) Request approved. Davíð Jakobsson

Verkefni: Bréf til sveitarstjórna - er á sér síðu vegna umfangs

Import work

Ongoing import work

We are working on importing a dataset donated by Reykjavík city, more info here: WikiProject_Iceland/LUKR.

Nature reserve import, tagging scheme described here: WikiProject_Iceland/nature_reserve.

Finished import work

See WikiProject_Iceland/ourFootPrints for information on the ourFootPrints import.

Bus stops in the capital area, see [2] and [3] for more information.



We're trying to map all the highways (Icelandic: Þjóðvegi) in Iceland. A list of them is maintained on the Icelandic Wikipedia and in addition Vegagerðin maintains vegaskrá which is a more detailed document.

Beside the list on Wikipedia, there is another list to see the progress on the Icelandic road system.

We should create a route relation for each highway, see the relation for Þjóðvegur #1 for an example, when you add a relation please add it to the Wikipedia page so that we'll eventually get a complete listing of all the national highways we've mapped.


The Ring road is linked up all the way round. It's somewhat coarse, but as people add in the roads along the edges, points can be added and dragged to make a better fit.

  • 1 Suðurlandsvegur - Done for the most part. Need to add bridges and work on some of the junctions (e.g., the roundabouts in Hveragerði and Selfoss). Bridges are done around skeiðarásandur, but not necessarily tagged as single lane, nor are they completely done. River names, helpful for matching up the sign posts, are only done for a couple of big rivers.
  • 1 Austurlandsvegur - Done for the most part. Need to add bridges.
  • 1 Norðurlandsvegur - Done for the most part. Need to add bridges.
  • 1 Vesturlandsvegur - Done for the most part. Need to add bridges.
  • Lyngdalsheiðarvegur (365) between þingvallavatn and laugarvatn is marked, but needs the paved/unpaved sections marked.

Public Transport

See here: WikiProject_Iceland/Public Transport

Cycling paths, lanes and routes

See here : WikiProject_Iceland/Cycleways


Skiing areas need mapping in Iceland, the coordination page for this is WikiProject_Piste_Maps#Iceland


Named child glaciers in the south should probably be marked separately, possibly just with a point on the named tongue? Of course, I'm not sure of a copyright free source of these names.

Urban areas

A list on Trello details which urban areas have had their buildings mapped. Anyone is free to join in.

The capital area

The Greater Reykjavík Area consists of 8 municipalities. Around 200,000 people live in the capital area, or around 65% of the population of Iceland [4].

  • The area around Sorpa (LUKR) on Sævarhöfði
Rural areas
  • All the roads (LUKR) around Hafravatn, Selvatn, and Nátthagavatn
Heiðmörk & Vífilsstaðir
See detailed map from


  • Town road network 98% mapped
  • Great landuse coverage
  • TODO
    • More POIs
    • The outdoor area to the north-east of the town
    • The golf course to the north-east of the town
    • The farms adjacent to Innesvegur and Akrafjallsvegur
    • The industrial area off Akrafjallsvegur to the north of town
    • The coastline - it is quite inaccurate in places


  • Streets finished
  • The Hlíðarfjall skiing area underway, see WikiProject Piste Maps.
  • TODO:
    • Map more footways, some are there but more are needed
    • Map ways outside the main town, such as in Kjarnaskógur, Hesthúsahverfi
  • Bus relations:


  • Streets and tracks done
  • Cycleways done
  • Landuse needs work
  • Buildings done
  • Sidewalks 50% done
  • POI's need work


  • Road network around 60% complete
  • Needs more detailed landuse

POI work

Check and find out what kind of data is missing. See if there's a non-copyrighted list which might help us get the remaining information to put into OSM. If no such list is public, one might check who would have the data and maybe request it.

People involved

See also: Category:Users in Iceland

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