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Iceland, Europe

latitude: 64.86, longitude: -18.52
Browse map of Iceland 64°51′36.00″ N, 18°31′12.00″ W
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Iceland is a Country in Europe at latitude 64°51′36.00″ North, longitude 18°31′12.00″ West. See Map Features for Iceland for tagging assistance


WANTED: a healthy and thriving community of Icelandic road fans and mappers from Iceland and all corners of the world. Enquire below:

People mapping in Iceland can add their user page to Category:Users in Iceland

Data sources

Free data sources

These have been confirmed to be under OSM compatible licenses and can be used while mapping:

  • Vegaskrá from Vegagerðin is a public domain document, according to email correspondence with Vegagerðin. This means it can be used as a source of names and numbers for roads. We use the more common names for the ring road, but other than that, the vegaskrá is probably a good source. I followed up with Vegagerðin, asking if they had shapefiles or anything similar for the entire roadnetwork, as of October 11, they "do not provide any shapefiles or similar datasets for outside use" I didn't feel like pushing any further, though I'm sure that they probably could be convinced to do so if someone really wanted.
  • Já hf has given permission for OpenStreetMap contributors to reference Já 360 street-level photographs when editing the map. You can view these by going to the Já map, clicking on the "360° götusýn" button, then clicking on any road highlighted in blue.

The data published by Landmælingar Íslands (National Land Survey of Iceland) is open and available for use in editing OpenStreetMap. An attribution is appreciated and can be published in a separate page.

Signed, Eydís Líndal Finnbogadóttir

General Director of National Land Survey of Iceland

  • Strætó bs. GTFS data permission received August 17th 2021 via Facebook message to Svavar Kjarrval from their official Facebook page.

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