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This page contains information on the map features used in Iceland in both English and Icelandic. It is meant to compliment the main map features page by documenting and establishing conventions for tagging in Iceland.

In case of doubt ask on the talk-is mailing list.



National highway system

After some discussion on the talk-is list a schema for the national highway system has been agreed upon. This schema maps the national road registry to the OSM tagging schema:


This is how the ways themselves should be tagged:

  • highway=* tag:
  • ref=*
    • All national highways should have a ref=* tag with their reference number, e.g. ref=1
  • network=*
    • The road network applicable for this way: S for Stofnvegur, T for Tengivegur, L for Landsvegur and H for Héraðsvegur

For each national highway (distinguished by a unique ref=* number) a corresponding route relation should be created with the following keys:

  • type=route
  • route=road
  • name=* - The name of the road, e.g. Hringvegur
  • ref=* - The refererence number for the road, e.g. 1
  • network=* - The network as explained above. In cases where a highway has multiple network classifications enter a semicolon-delimited list of applicable networks, e.g. S;T for a way that's both Stofnvegur and Tengivegur, see Biskpustungnabraut / Kjalvegur for an example.

See the relation for Route 1 for an example.

These relations should be added to the Wikipedia article on the national highway system so that we have a list of what we've finished somewhere.

Urban areas

Except in the case of urban roads maintained as part of the national highway system (e.g. Arnarnesvegur) there is no existing classification system we can work with, so we make up a classification based on the size & importance of the road to the rest of the road system.

Man made

Weather survey stations

This is how the weather survey stations maintained by Vegagerðin should be tagged for now, see e.g. this website for how it's used and an example node.


  • taginfo - Shows what tagging is actually being used