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Greenland (Grønland, Kalaallit Nunaat), Denmark, North America

latitude: 76.10, longitude: -42.27
Browse map of Greenland (Grønland, Kalaallit Nunaat) 76°06′00.00″ N, 42°16′12.00″ W
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OpenStreetMap Nuuk, march 2010
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Greenland (Grønland, Kalaallit Nunaat) is an autonomous territory in Denmark, North America at latitude 76°06′00.00″ North, longitude 42°16′12.00″ West.

This is the initial attempt to start a project for OSM mapping of Greenland. For starters this is mostly about community building and getting people intereded: If you have some interest on OSM mapping of Greenland this is the place to start.

Asiaq's wiew: Asiaq would be happy to donate city- and village maps for OSM for further processing. However, the biggest problem for mapping Greenland is not at the local level but rather in the vast open spaces. These are very poorly surveyed or the maps can be very difficult to obtain. A collaborative mapping would be a huge step forward. This could be done on top of Landsat or Aster satellite images.


Feel free to add your self to this list of potential contributors. A mailinglist has been created for discussions, announcements etc.

An archive of the discussions are found here.

People already actively editing in Nuuk:

Cities and villages

Asiaq is responsible for the production of technical basemaps of Greenlands cities and villages at the 1:500 scale level. The technical basemap is of very high accuracy and detail - far beyond OSM usage. Asiaq also has roadlines, pathlines, waterways, land polygons and lakes which would be suitable for OSM usage. In Asiaq, we call this 'bykort' (citymap) or "G50".

The Technical Basemap project in Asiaq is financed partly by Greenland Government and partly by revenue from subscribers (Tele A/S, Nukissiorfiit and Greenlands municipalities) and individual sales.

Nevertheless Asiaq is very willing to donate citymap data for all cities and villages in Greenland to OSM. This has been Asiaqs intention for some while and now the time is ripe. Karl Zinglersen (Asiaq) have previously been in contact with Mikel Maron (Yahoo) regarding donation of data and establishmen of a licence agreement, but so far this has not proven fruitful.

There already appears to be a small but active group of people, who have made Nuuk look good in OSM. We (Asiaq) suggest that the strategy be that Asiaqs cictymap data are converted from GIS format to GPX and that this is uploaded to OSM. Following this the GPX data must be postprocessed by OSM editors such as Potlatch or JOSM so that the GPX tracks appear correctly. This work would be left for the OSM community.

Apart from this, Asiaq posesses a number of orthophotos of the same cities and villages. These can be viewed via WMS layers in for example JOSM. The usage of these images will also be permitted for the OSM project. Please note that most of these photos are no more recent than year 2000.

After this commitment from Asiaq it will be up to the OSM community to carry on the editing.

Here is an initial listing of the ten largest cities.

Status and permissions

General information pages

Quality control

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