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Montserrat, Antillas, Caribbean, North America

latitude: 16.75, longitude: -62.2
Browse map of Montserrat 16°45′00.00″ N, 62°12′00.00″ W
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Montserrat is a country in Antillas, Caribbean, North America at latitude 16°45′00.00″ North, longitude 62°12′00.00″ West.


The main road should mostly all be done in the bits you're allowed in

The minor roads are mostly there, but some bits to the NE of the island may be missing

Probably 70% of the residential roads are done, but perhaps only 25% are named


Most of the villages in the north have been labelled, but not all. Some more work to correctly identify the centre may be needed, as current labelling is based on guesswork and road names

Volcano Exclusion Zones

Currently, none of the zone boundaries have been mapped

  • A - Salem / Old Towne - mostly mapped
  • B - Garibaldi Hill - some bits to the north
  • C - Richmond Hill - none
  • F - Centre Hills - none
  • T - Old Airport - none
  • V - Plymouth and east - none
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