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Shanghai, China

latitude: 31.23, longitude: 121.47
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Shanghai is a city in China at latitude 31°13′48.00″ North, longitude 121°28′12.00″ East. The city is split in two by the Huangpu River (黄浦江 huángpǔ jiāng). On the west bank is Puxi (浦西 pǔxī), the older city center, while the brand new development on the east side is called Pudong (浦东 pǔdōng).

Subways and suburban railways

See Shanghai Metro

OsmTransport Map

Existing Lines

  • Line 1, Fujin Road - Xinzhuang
  • Line 2, East Xujing - Pudong International Airport
  • Line 3, North Jiangyang Road - Shanghai South Railway Station
  • Line 4, Loop line
  • Line 5, Xinzhuang - Minhang Development Zone / Fengxian Xincheng
  • Line 6, Gangcheng Road - Oriental Sports Center
  • Line 7, Huamu Road - Meilan Lake
  • Line 8, Shiguang Road - Shendu Highway
  • Line 9, Songjiang South Railway Station - Caolu
  • Line 10, Xinjiangwancheng - Hongqiao Railway Station / Hangzhong Road
  • Line 11, North Jiading / Huaqiao - Disney Resort
  • Line 12, Jinhai Road - Qixin Road
  • Line 13, Jinyun Road - Zhangjiang Road
  • Line 16, Longyang Road - Dishui Lake
  • Line 17, Hongqiao Railway Station - Oriental Land
  • Pujiang Line, Shendu Highway - Huizhen Road
  • Maglev Line, Pudong International Airport - Longyang Road
  • Jinshan Line, Shanghai South - Jinshanwei

Future Lines Before 2021

  • Line 10, 2nd Phase, Xinjiangwancheng - Jilong Road
  • Line 14, Fengbang - Jinsui Road
  • Line 15, Gucun Park - Zizhu Science-Based Industry Park
  • Line 18, 1st Phase, South Changjiang Road - Hangtou

Highways and expressways


When naming roads in Shanghai, please use the chinese name of the road in the name tag (e.g. name=开鲁路) and its English name in name:en tag (name:en=Kailu Road). The current convention that is used to name subway stations in Shanghai places a direction, where applicable, BEFORE the road name in English, even if in Chinese, it is placed after. (e.g. Middle Fujian Road, not Fujian Road Middle, or Fujian Middle Road). Primary roads should only be the roads considered a provincial road (with a reference that begins with S (e.g. S101) or other roads with equivalent importance (some X routes do perform the role of S routes), and the few thoroughfares considered to be major road thoroughfares in the city. The above is being worked on and trying to be fixed.

Elevated Roads

  • Inner Ring Road - Puxi: mapped, but some junctions, exits, and bridges need to be fixed.
  • Inner Ring Road - Pudong: mapped, however the Zhangjiang Junction at Longyang Road and Luoshan Road needs to be fixed, as well as some bridges and exits need to be fixed.
  • Middle Ring Road - mapped from Zhoujiazui Road to Shangzhong Road - however needs big fixing, including bridges, exits, tunnels, and also the future section (mainly in Pudong) needs to be mapped.
  • Yixian Elevated Road - not completely mapped, and needs to be fixed
  • North-South Elevated Road - not completely mapped north of A20, needs to be fixed, especially north of the Railway Station
  • Yan'an Elevated Road - mapped, but needs fixing of bridges and exits
  • Humin Elevated Road - mapped, but needs fixing of exits, as well as the road that runs under it
  • Luoshan Elevated Road
  • Huaxia Elevated Road - mapped roughly, but needs fixing
  • Jiamin Elevated Road
  • Hongmei Elevated Road
  • Proposed elevated roads around Hongqiao Railway Station - not mapped.


  • G2 Jinghu Expressway
  • G15 Shenhai Expressway
  • G1503 Shanghai Ring Expressway
  • G40 Hushan Expressway
  • G42 Hurong Expressway
  • G50 Huyu Expressway
  • G60 Hukun Expressway
  • G92 Hangzhouwan Ring Expressway
  • S1 Yinbin Expressway
  • S2 Hulu Expressway
  • S3 Hufeng Expressway
  • S4 Hujin Expressway
  • S5 Hujia Expressway
  • S6 Huxiang Expressway
  • S19 Xinwei Expressway
  • S20 Waihuan Expressway
  • S26 Huchang Expressway
  • S32 Shenjiahu Expressway
  • S36 Tingfeng Expressway

Buses and trams

See Shanghai Bus

  • Zhangjiang Tram
  • Songjiang Tram

District boundary

District Relation
虹口区 Hongkou District relation 398351
黄浦区 Huangpu District relation 371650
徐汇区 Xuhui District relation 1278188
静安区 Jingan District relation 371637
长宁区 Changning District relation 1278187
浦东新区 Pudong New District relation 398348
普陀区 Putuo District relation 398886
宝山区 Baoshan District relation 398374
嘉定区 Jiading District relation 1673543
杨浦区 Yangpu District relation 398350
闵行区 Minhang District relation 1278189
青浦区 Qingpu District relation 3292760
奉贤区 Fengxian District relation 3292751
金山区 Jinxian District relation 3292756
崇明区 Chongming District relation 3292750