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Vietnam, Asia
latitude: 16.028523, longitude: 106.687967
Browse map of Vietnam 16°01′42.68″ N, 106°41′16.68″ E
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Vietnam is a country in Asia at latitude 16°01′42.68″ North, longitude 106°41′16.68″ East.

The Vietnam mapping project aims to increase OpenStreetMap coverage of Vietnam.

Our Facebook page: Facebook page OpenStreetMap.Vietnam

Information Brochure in Vietnamese. See original PDF


Road Classification

Use highway to classify the importance and usage of a way. Use tracktype to roughly classify the quality (regarding surface and smoothness conditions) of a way. To give more details on the quality, use surface and smoothness. For ways that cannot be used by cars, use either highway=path or a highway according to the importance of the way (for example highway=residential) together with a tag indicating the barriere for cars (for example width).

List of officially numbered roads

Mark all national roads as network=VN.

Road No. Relation Status Course Surface Note
1A relation 452938 Road (2/4)  Dong Dang - Hanoi - Vinh - Hue - Da Nang - Quy Nhon - Nha Trang - Phan Thiet - Ho Chi Minh City - My Tho - Can Tho - Ca Mau paved 2009-07
2 relation 169900 Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
3 relation 169901 Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
6 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
7 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
9 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
14 relation 1079404 Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
15 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
19 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
20 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
26 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
32 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07
70 Quan hệ chưa được định rõ Road (0/4)  paved 2009-07


Place Map Status Homepage Wikipedia Notes
Hanoi OSM incomplete is doing significant work to complete the Hanoi OSM. If anyone is interested in coordinating with them, please email
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) OSM incomplete

(Add your city here in alphabetical order after Hanoi)

[1] is doing an extensive map of Vietnam power lines and stations with a possible extension to coastal facilities and ocean satellite information. Please leave a message for potential coorperation.

Mailing list



Users who are ready to help beginners to contribute in Vietnam Mapping Project:

  • Contact capiscuas AT if you would like to participate and don't know how to start
  • GeoGrafiker is a very experienced user from Germany. His motivation to help Vietnam Mapping Project is that he wants to go to Vietnam in November 2009. For this journey he needs the best available OSM maps. Please contact him through OSM mailing system.

Possible data sources

  • The U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has public domain country files with basic information on placenames. Nevertheless, it contains many errors and many towns are missplaced.
  • The AsiaGPS forum contains many GPS traces from Vietnam and Asia. Please contact them to encourage them to release their data into OSM.

Bing imagery

Bing imagery is not well aligned on some parts of the country. Download GPS tracks to check for correct alignment. Until Bing fix it, you need to manually enter the offset in JOSM (right-click on Bing layer -> New offset).

Date, Region/City, and offset of observed misalignments:

  • 2013-03, Hué, offset: 0.000126;-0.0000315

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