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Cyprus, Europe
latitude: 35.13, longitude: 33.46
Browse map of Cyprus 35°07′48.00″ N, 33°27′36.00″ E
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Cyprus is a country in Europe at latitude 35°07′48.00″ North, longitude 33°27′36.00″ East.

Disputed place names

Please see the discussion at Disputes.

The mailing list archive of the specific discussion is available at:

For the tag "name", please use the name that people who are living in that area are using, e.g. in Northern Cyprus, Turkish. In the Republic of Cyprus, Greek (See On the Ground Rule).

Besides places being renamed during and after the 1974 conflict, many had already undergone name changes in recent history - post 1950. Editors are encouraged to use the EU funded bi-communal online resource at to look up place names, and more importantly when the place was renamed.

The "int_name" and "official_name" tags can also be used, but editors must be absolutely sure that the name they want to use is correct. As stated, many villages were renamed prior to 1974, and their names are still valid. Do not use these tags as a legal document. This also applies to name changes in the Republic of Cyprus after 1974. Though not recognized by Northern Cyprus; they meet the criteria for the "on the ground" rule.

An example of a village renamed prior to 1974 and thus recognized:

  • name:Ozanköy
  • name:en=Ozankoy
  • old_name:Kazafani

In the example above, using "name:el=Kazafani" would be incorrect, as the village was renamed in 1958.

An example of a village renamed after 1974, which is not the recognized name:

  • name:Tatlısu
  • name:en=Tatlisu
  • name:el=Akanthou

The example above reflects the current name, but also that the Greek current name still stands. Also note that the "name:en" is there purely to aid in search. Other locals can also be used, but must be a translation (or near approximation) of the value in the "name" tag.

Also, be aware that there were villages which always had two names. In this case, use the current name in "name" and the second name in "name:el=" or "name:tr=", which ever is applicable.

It is understood that "old_name", does not give a historical perspective - when the name changed - and this needs further discussion.

Using name:*=* with an ISO language designation (e.g. name:el=* or name:tr=* will render the map in many third-party sites and applications in the language desired.

As can be seen from the above, place names are a complicated and sensitive subject. If you are unsure of a name then research it. If you are still unsure afterwards then leave it alone.

Deleting, reverting and editing of place names for political, personal or religious purposes will be considered as Vandalism.

Abandoned villages

The island has many abandoned villages. The tag "abandoned" does not cover such, and they will probably not be displayed in default renderings. To overcome this, please indicate with the word abandoned in parenthesis after the name.

  • name:Mathikoloni (enkataleimménos)
  • name:en=Mathikoloni (abandoned)
  • name:tr=Mathikoloni (terkedilmiş)
  • place:village

"A" Roads (Motorways)

Motorway junction numbers in cyprus are nationally unique, e.g. there is onely one J1 on the island.

Name %age complete Checked by Notes
A1 100% Nicosia to Limassol
A2 100% connects A1 near Pera Chorio with A3 by Larnaca
A3 100% Larnaca to Ayia Napa highway
A5 100% A3 near Larnaca to A1 highway
A6 100% User:tomas Paphos to Limassol highway
A9 100% User:tomas Nicosia to Troodos highway

Some of the junctions on the A3 are not done due to inadequate satellite data in the potlatch editor. Junctions on the A1, A5, A6 and the A9 are completed.

"B" Main Roads (Primary)

Name %age complete Checked by Notes
B1 100% Nicosia to Limassol
B2 100% connects B1 at Pera Chorio with Larnaca
B3 100% Connects Larnaca and Ayia Napa.
B4 100% B2 at Larnaca center to the village of Kiti via Larnaca International Airport.
B5 100% B2 at Larnaca center to Kophinou intersection with the A1
B6 100% User:tomas Paphos to Limassol old road
B7 100% User:tomas Paphos town center, to Polis.
B8 100% User:tomas Limassol city center to Troodos Sq.
B9 100% User:tomas Nicosia to Troodos Sq.
B19 100% User:muffu Nicosia to Athienou
B22 100% User:tomas Nicosia Southern ring road. Connects the B1, A1 and the A9

"E/F" Roads (Secondary/Tertiary)

Currently there seems to be no consistent guideline for determining when to tag as secondary and when as tertiary.


The town of Larnaca is heavily under mapped and contains a lot of mistakes. Someone who knows Larnaca should start working on it.

Although the whole city is now mapped, Limassol's streets are unnamed. Some work has been done, but a lot more must take place...

A quite good level of development. The western and Southern suburbs need some work.

A good level of development. More attention should be given to the Northern suburbs.


See boundary discussion page for proposal for marking land borders within Cyprus.



  • lon [ 32.00 - 34.70 ], lat [ 34.50 - 35.75 ] - Kıbrıs

updated coastline

15.05.07 User:Mikes

Troodos region

Because the lack of detailed satellite images in the Troodos mountains the potlatch editor is completely useless. It is required that someone with GPS accessibility to map the area. The B8 and the B9 main roads in the area are now accurate. A lot of progress has been made in the Pitsillia, Marathasa and Koumandaria regions. Some work still required within the Paphos forest, and more work in Northern Limassol.

Bing imaginary seems to cover parts of Cyprus where Yahoo has no coverage. However, they seem to have some offset so you should align images with gps traces first.

Some maps

here are some maps that could help us naming the roads... --Gavrilis 09:52, 1 September 2008 (UTC)