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Niger, Africa
latitude: 17.696, longitude: 8.086
Browse map of Niger 17°41′45.60″ N, 8°05′09.60″ E
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OpenStreetMap Niger Community (OSM-NE)
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Niger is a country in Africa at latitude 17°41′45.60″ North, longitude 8°05′09.60″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Mapping Niger is still in very early stages. Almost no gps- tracks exist for this region.


If you have a goal that you are working towards or one that you would like to see get done (and are maybe willing to get the ball rolling) then add it to the list here, create a section where it can be coordinated and tracked, and a way of measuring progress. And then get on with it :-)

dec 13th 2014 Niger's government ask for help in order to host nigerian refugees crossing the southern border.

Needs for mapping are water wells, schools, residential areas, tracks, intermittent rivers, farmland First to map is the Diffa region (SE of Niger)

  • water wells - 13th dec'14 we have 1986 wells in Niger. 3007 in may '16 Look at the wells that are present (e.g. in Maradi) and carry on. It helps UN.
  • schools - If you can please locate schools.
  • Niamey - Map the capital city
  • Maradi région and espacially the south of it. (because it is small and has a good satellite coverage)
  • Tertiary highways imported from vmap0 have to be checked against Bing imagery. Some turned out to be simple tracks barely visible.
  • Secondary highways can be improved with Bing.
  • Track imported from vmpa0 Don't seem to have enough precision to be kept.
  • Airport positions imported from can be improved/confirmed.

We didn't find the exact location of following airports ; Téra, Birni N'Konni, Maine-Soroa , Bilma

  • Village names imported from GeoNet Name Server can be confirmed by surrounding their area as residential lands.

Other things to do

There are lots of missing residential roads around Niamey that can be added from Bing imagery.

Some bigger highways are missing as well.

Things that are done

  • The capital Niamey is mapped almost to street level detail
  • almost all of the 50 biggest cities are on the map, not to street level detail
  • about 12000 towns and villages are imported from the Geonames Name Server. Lots are missing. Please review "places" tag definition for correct values of hamlet/village/town.
  • Main roads network "nationales" NE:N-roads relation 3136636
  • N1, East - west axis Niamey-Dosso-Maradi-Zinder-Diffa-N'Guigmi relation 1202801
  • N6 relation 3136635
  • N24 relation 3136633
  • N 25 relation 3136634


  • To check the Bing imagery availability follow link :

A lot of mapping can be done, even if the whole country is not yet covered.

  • I found several public domain maps in wikipedia: according to this page: all the maps there are public domain

there are some lowres maps for the outlines of national parks of Niger floating around somewhere in wikipedia

  • if you know any datasources please feel free to contact me User:Zenfunk.


  • Geonames Name Server:

Thousands of villages were imported from this database. Location is sometimes as far as 2 to 3 Km away from the actual town situation. If the place seems to be in the middle of nowhere do following tag as

place = hamlet

fixme = Please Locate

If placement correction is obvious then move the POI to the good location.


We are lacking gps data. Tracing of overland highways can only be done by the low resolution imagery.

The osm file for Niger was about 353 KB when we started. Lets see how it will grow.

14.08.09 the osm filesize for Niger has grown to 557 KB. We are getting somewhere...

15.08.09: Almost all of the 50 biggest towns in Niger have been placed on the map (not to street level detail though.

20.08.09: All the mountain peaks with name and elevation where imported from the GNS database- many thanks to user:dbusse who made it all happen.

20.08.09: The manual import of vmap0 data has started.

25.08.09: Import of 12000 villages and towns from the Geonames Name Server dataset is under way

25.08.09: The OSM file size for Niger is now at 919 KB- almost triple the size when we jumpstarted this about 3 weeks ago.

30.08.09: The OSM filesize for Niger is now at 1,2 MB- god job everyone.

13.02.15ː The OSM filesize for Niger (square bounding box) is now ... 615 MB

15.05.16ː The OSM filesize for Niger (square bounding box) is now ... 1014 MB

Find and fix errors reported