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Mapping since Sun Mar 16 21:11:58 +0000 2008

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Currently I'm interested in marine mapping and sailing. I currently contribute to the Openseamap and to Freietonne. Personally I think that the tagging scheme used by OSeaM is way too clunky and complicated. On cannot possibly use this scheme without an editor, which currently isn't in a workable state. Another joke the OSeaM guys pull of is shelling out more and more maps which do not have a single seamark on them. While I salute the effort they put in this, they probably would be better off using the proposed marine tagging scheme here: Proposed_features/marine-tagging There simply is much more data tagged using this scheme. It is funny when they produce maps which could display hundreds of seamarks because the data is there, but none is actually on it.

I try to declutter the wiki pages about maritime mapping, because the documentation is a mess.

Wo wird gemappt?

Hauptsächlich im Berchtesgadener Land
Manchmal auch in Unterfranken (Schweinfurter Raum)
... und wo ich auch sonst so grade bin.



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