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The State of Palestine, Western Asia

latitude: 32.06, longitude: 35.3
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The State of Palestine is a country in Western Asia at latitude 32°03′36.00″ North, longitude 35°18′00.00″ East.




  • tag=city : 100% (capital of governorates)
  • tag:town : 100%
  • tag:village : 60%
  • Salfit Governorate: 100% towns and villages
  • Roads: many are missing. Please help using Bing!

Municipal types

Municipality A (City)
Primary municipalities or district capitals of the governorates. There are 14 A-level municipalities. These localities are considered cities. Their municipal councils consists of 13 members and a chairman in addition to the appointed mayor.
Municipality B (City or Town)
Municipalities that have populations of over 8,000 inhabitants or have had a lengthy existence as local councils under Israeli administration. There are 41 B-level municipalities. Their municipal councils consist of 13 members and a chairperson.
Municipality C (Town)
Municipalities that have populations of 4,000-8,000. Most were recently approved by the Palestinian National Authority. There are 47 C-level municipalities that are governed by 11-member councils.
Municipality D (Village)
Municipalities with populations of over 1,000. There are 220 D-level municipalities that are governed by 9-member councils.

List of refugees camp

The West Bank has 19 official camps with 176,514 refugees.

The Gaza Strip has eight official camps with 478,854 refugees.

List of cities

Common Nname Arabic name Governorate Jurisdiction Population, 2006[1]
Bani Suheila بني سهيلا‎ Khan Yunis Area A 32,800
Beit Hanoun بيت حانون North Gaza Area A 32,100
Beit Jala بيت جالا Bethlehem Area A 16,700
Beit Lahiya بيت لاهيا North Gaza Area A 59,500
Beit Sahour بيت ساحورا Bethlehem Area A 15,400
Bethlehem (Beit Lahm) بيت لحم Bethlehem Area A 30,000
al-Bireh البيرة Ramallah and al-Bireh Area A 39,500
Deir al-Balah دير البلح Deir al-Balah Area A 61,800
ad-Dhahiriya الظاهرية Hebron Area A 28,600
Dura دوره Hebron Area A 21,600
Gaza City (Ghazzah) غزة هاشم Gaza Area A 409,700
Halhul حلحولا Hebron Area A 21,800
Hebron (Al-Khalil) الخليل Hebron Area A, Area B, Area C 166,000
Jabalia جباليا North Gaza Area A 176,300
Jenin جنين Jenin Area A 48,000
Jericho (Ariha) أريحا Jericho Area A 20,400
Khan Yunis خان يونس Khan Yunis Area A 179,800
Nablus نابلس Nablus Area A 134,100
Qabatiya قباطية Jenin Area A 19,700
Qalqilya قلقيليه Qalqilya Area A 44,700
Rafah رفح Rafah Area A 125,400
Ramallah رام الله Ramallah and al-Bireh Area A 25,500
Tubas طوباس Tubas Area A 16,100
Tulkarm طولكرم Tulkarm Area A 59,000
Yatta يطّا Hebron Area A 42,900




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