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Algeria, Africa

latitude: 28, longitude: 2
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Algeria is a country in Africa at latitude 28°00′00.00″ North, longitude 2°00′00.00″ East.

This page is to coordinate mapping of Algeria (North Africa)

Areas being mapped


Road system


Note: A2 and A3 used to be A1. This was changed in May 2022.

National highway (RN : route nationale) (highway=primary)

28 655 km

Ref Name الاسم % complete مكتملة Completed كاملة Missing في طور الانجاز
N01 Algiers <-> Ouahran 100% .... - .... .... - .... , .... - ....
N05 .... - .... 100% ...%

Provincial highway (CW : chemins de wilayas) طرقات ثّانوية (highway=secondary)

23 879 km

  • CW

Municipal highways (CC : chemins communaux) (highway=tertiary)

57 591 km

  • CC


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