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Somalia, Africa

latitude: 5.232, longitude: 46.303
Browse map of Somalia 5°13′55.20″ N, 46°18′10.80″ E
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Somalia is a country in Africa at latitude 5°13′55.20″ North, longitude 46°18′10.80″ East.

Somalia mapping project Main page | Data sources

General mapping

There's also a certain amount of remote mapping to be done using low-res Landsat.

As ever, we can always benefit from people doing on-the-ground mapping. If you are in a position to do this, we'd love to hear from you, and help you get started. Please contact HOT to say hello. You can also read more here: Map Making Overview

Community resources

The UN Mappers are also active in Somalia.


Please, check the /Somalia_Imports for a list of all data imports in Somalia.


Muqdisho - Bing imagery available

Kismaayo has been mapped with a 1992 map from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

Quality control

Old projects

2011 droughts

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More information about Droughts in the horn of Africa on the HOT blog

Somalia and the whole of the Horn of Africa have been struck by droughts. Currently the only area to do some mapping specifically in response to this crisis, is around the refugee camps in Dadaab (Kenya) However general improvements to the map of Somalia may help aid organisations at this time.