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Kuwait, Western Asia

latitude: 29.31, longitude: 47.6
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Kuwait is a Country in Western Asia at latitude 29°18′36.00″ North, longitude 47°36′00.00″ East.

General Information

The State of Kuwait is bordered by Iraq in the North, Saudi Arabia in the West and South, and the Arabian gulf in the East. The capital of the State of Kuwait is Kuwait City. The official language is Arabic, with English widely used. The official religion is Islam.

Kuwait Politics and Geography


  • Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy, The head of state is the Amir.
  • The country is run by the Prime Minister, aided by a council of ministers,
  • Legislative power is vested in the National Assembly parliament and the Amir in accordance with the Constitution. The National Assembly consists of fifty elected members, who are chosen in elections held every four years. Currently the country is divided into 5 voting districts.
  • The judiciary system is independent from government influence, and its rulings are enforced by the title of the Amir.


  • Kuwait is divided into 6 Governorates, each with its own Municipality and Governor. Each Governorate has its own Immigration, vehicle registration and inspection, health care, and other facilities.
  • Each Governorate, has Cities/Suburbs, and land areas under its administration.
  • Each City/Suburb has an Administrator, and is sub divided into Blocks/Neighbourhood.
  • Each Block/Neighbourhood has no administrative level, and follows the City/Suburb Administrator.


The 6 Governorates of Kuwait are as follows

  • Al Asimah "Al Kuwayt" Governorate (محافظة العاصمة)
  • Hawalli Governorate (محافظة حولي)
  • Al Ahmadi Governorate (محافظة الأحمدي)
  • Al Jahra Governorate (محافظة الجهراء)
  • Al Farwaniyah Governorate (محافظة الفروانية)
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate (محافظة مبارك الكبير)

National Assembly election districts

Kuwait is divided into 5 election Circles/Districts

  • First District (الدائرة الأولى)
  • Second District (الدائرة الثانية)
  • Third District (الدائرة الثالثة)
  • Fourth District (الدائرة الرابعة)
  • Fifth District (الدائرة الخامسة)

Historically, the first 3 districts are called the inner districts (city dwellers), and the last two districts as the outer districts (Bedouin dwellers).

How I see Administration Levels

  • admin_level 2 Kuwait
  • admin_level 4 Governorates
  • admin_level 6 National Assembly Election Districts
  • admin_level 8 Cities and Suburbs

Highway/Roads classification in Kuwait

Highways in Kuwait are:

  • Motorway (120 KM/H)
  • Primary (100 KM/H) roads that are not Motorway's
  • Secondary (80 KM/H) roads connecting Cities and Suburbs.
  • Tertiary (45 KM/H) roads inside a City and Suburbs.
  • Residential (45 KM/H)

Major cities in Kuwait

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