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Syria, Asia

latitude: 34.615, longitude: 37.965
Browse map of Syria 34°36′54.00″ N, 37°57′54.00″ E
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Syria is a Country in Asia at latitude 34°36′54.00″ North, longitude 37°57′54.00″ East.

Arab Republic of Syria is a country in Southwest Asia with arabic as official language

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Damascus is missing some roads some on the outskirts. Aleppo is missing some residential areas outside of town as well.

Administrative regions in Syria

Governorate boundaries for Syria added from's ESRI shape file. Southmost border Syria - Jordan corrected which seemed to be wrong.

Highway/Roads classification in Syria

Motorways in Syria

  • Mashreq international roads (2001)
  • M (highway=motorway) : The M1 and M3 are motorways and the M5 has a motorway section but the M4 is an ordinary road (highway=primary).
  • M1 Halab (Aleppo) - Jordanian border.

Main roads in Syria

  • Single digit road numbers (highway=primary) are used for main national roads.
  • 1 coast road
  • 2, 3 and 4 are east-west routes increasing to the north
  • 5 north-south route increasing to the east. 5 is parallel to the M1 and some sections overlap.
  • 6 and 7 are north-south routes increasing to the east (but 7 is diagonal and crosses 2 and 5 at Dimashq (Damascus).


Major cities in Syria

External Map Links

Ref Name Towns Km OSM status
M10 Northern Iraq-East Mediterranean Hajj Omran (Iraq/Iran) - Irbil - Mosul - Rabieyyah (Iraq/Syria) - Yaaroubia (Syria/Iraq) - Kamishli - Aleppo - Lattakia relation 3018358|
M15 Aleppo-Ramadi Aleppo - Deir Ez Zor - Albu Kamal (Syria/Iraq) - Al kaem - (Iraq/Syria) - Ramadi relation 3018537|
M20 Central Syria Kamishli - Hasakah - Deir Ez Zor - Homs - Tartus relation 3018653|
M30 Western Iraq-Eastern Mediterranean Al Rutbah - Al Walid (Iraq/Syria) - Tanf (Syria/Iraq) - Damascus - Jedeidet Yabus (Syria/Lebanon) - Masna' (Lebanon/Syria) - Beirut relation 3018805|
M45 Syria-Jordan-Saudi Arabia-Yemen Bab Al Hawa (Syria/Turkey) - Aleppo - Homs - Damascus - Nasib (Syria/Jordan) - Jaber (Jordan/Syria) - Amman - Ma'an - Al Mudawara (Jordan/Saudi Arabia) - Halat Ammar (Saudi Arabia/Jordan) - Tabuk - Qalibah - Medina - Mecca - Abha - Elb (Saudi Arabia/Yemen) - Baqim (Yemen/Saudi Arabia) - Sana'a - Ta'izz relation 3018402|
M51 Eastern Mediterranean Coast Kassab - Lattakia - Tartous - Dabboussieh (Syria/Lebanon) - Abboudieh (Lebanon/Syria) - Tripoli - Beirut - Naqoura relation 3018435|